Why do I have payoff fees?


Each accounts payoff fees differ because each loan is different. Examples of payoff fees may include: Demand Fee: Paid to NSC for preparing payoff amount. Wire Fee: Most loans are paid off by wire so there is a wire fee included in the payoff [...]

What is the payoff process and timeline?


Demands for Payoff need to be submitted online at Once your request is submitted our office prepares the Demand for Payoff and submits it to your lender for approval. Once your lender approves the Demand for Payoff we will email the Demand for [...]

How do I payoff my mortgage?


You must first request a Demand for Payoff at Your Demand for Payoff will include wiring instructions. You may also mail your payment into our office. If payment is mailed please ensure the payment is received by the payoff date or include the [...]

What if my borrower files Bankruptcy?


A borrower, in an effort to avoid the sale of the Property by either of the two methods described, may seek the protection of an automatic stay (a prohibition against any further foreclosure action) by filing a petition in bankruptcy in federal court or [...]

What is the timeframe for a Foreclosure?


That depends on where the foreclosure is occurring (what jurisdiction), and whether it is a judicial or a non-judicial foreclosure. Below are some helpful links that may answer some or all of your questions with respect to non-judicial foreclosures, which typically occur more rapidly [...]

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