Boost Real Estate Web Traffic with Specificity

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This Meta Description For Private Lenders: Explore the benefits of patience in the mortgage industry with an expert look into the world of private lending. Learn how to use key tactics to maximize success with short- and long-term strategies for your investments.

ICE & Black Knight Mortgage Merger Finalized

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Help Private Lenders Understand the Ice Merger Deal: Learn how ICE and Black Knight's $11.7B merger deal was made possible despite the FTC's initial antitrust concern. A deep dive into what this merger means for private lenders and beyond.

AmeriFirst Financial, Mortgage Lender, Files for Bankruptcy

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AmeriFirst Financial Inc. recently filed for bankruptcy, just two months after re-launching its forward mortgage origination business. Learn how the financial industry has been impacted by this unexpected collapse and how it affects lenders both public and private. Get the inside scoop and find out what's next.

Fannie Mae: Home Sales Won’t Rebound in 2024 Despite Soft Landing

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"Fannie Mae's forecast shows that in spite of the possibility of a soft landing, home sales in 2023 are predicted to stay on par with levels experienced in 2009. 2024 is expected to herald a slight improvement. Get the insight you need to make informed decisions about private lending."

Mortgage Rates Reach New High Above 7%

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"Mortgage rates have risen yet again last week as the bond market strives to keep up with a growing economy in the lead up to the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Keep abreast of how mortgage rates are responding and find out what it could mean for your loan."

Home Sales Continue to Climb Despite Rising Mortgage Rates

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Enjoy the Benefits of Home Ownership Despite Rising Rates: Private lenders can help build the dream of home ownership even in today's uncertain market with higher mortgage rates. Home buyers and builders alike are finding success in meeting their goals through the innovative programs offered by private lenders. Let new home ownership become your reality now.

Assessing Damage of Hawaii’s Lahaina Wildfire

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This expert summary from an industry veteran explains the financial impact of the recent damage in Lahaina, and examines the current analysis of the $450 million in rebuilding costs for residential structures. Tune in for the latest insights and analysis related to private lenders.

July Home Sales Surge: Is It Sustainable?

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This summer's housing market brought good news – a 4.4% rise in new home sales. Prices remain affordable, with a year-over-year decrease reported in all four past months. It's the perfect time for private lenders to consider investing in the housing market's resurgence.

Trade groups caution risks of unintended consequences from proposed AVM rules.

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MBA and CBA experts agree: Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) can mitigate the appraiser shortage, reduce costs, and protect against bias, but principled regulation is essential. Find out why AVMs are the way forward for private lenders.

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