How Holiday Shopping Impacts the Housing Market

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"Last week, housing inventory growth experienced a noticeable slowdown. As an experienced mortgage industry expert, I'm hoping this reduction in inventory was just due to the holiday week and isn't the start of a long-term trend. Understand the changing dynamics in the private lending market with insight from the expert."

ESSA Bank Agrees to Settle DOJ’s Redlining Allegations for $3M

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"Private lenders need to be aware of the recent settlement involving DOJ and ESSA regarding alleged redlining practices. Learn more about the case and what it means for lenders without any bias from ESSA."

Polly Announces Cheryl Messner as Chief Customer Officer

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Polly, a leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology, announces the appointment of Cheryl Messner as Chief Commercial Officer. Find out why Messner is the perfect fit for this cutting-edge company with her extensive industry experience. Learn more about Polly and discover how it is revolutionizing the mortgage capital markets.

Expands to Feature Entire Mortgage Market RealTrends 500 Supplement Offers Comprehensive Mortgage Market Overview

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"eXp Realty has moved up the ranks to become the number one real estate franchise by transaction sides in the RealTrends 500. This success was based off of their excellent performance in the most recent calendar year. Learn more about this prime example of excellence in the mortgage industry here."

Blend Enhances Lending with Soft Credit Pulls

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Blend has launched a groundbreaking soft credit inquiry function that securely transmits requests to credit bureaus without the cost and paperwork of traditional methods. Private lenders now have a reliable answer to costly credit inquiry fees to better serve customers. Develop cutting-edge lending capabilities while maintaining customer privacy.

Despite Challenges, Mortgage Industry Builds Resilience

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MBA conference attendees: Get insights into choppy waters ahead for the residential mortgage industry from an industry expert. Analyze the current market trends and stay well informed of developments in this competitive field. Take away key takeaways to better prepare for success in mortgage finance.

Housing Construction Positive Despite Recession Projections

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Discover why market trends favor new construction to learn how private lenders can take advantage. Discover why the new home market is gaining traction and how private lenders can capitalize. Learn more about the latest market trends and Fannie Mae's ESR Group insights, and find out how to take advantage of a low housing inventory.

Why Do Lenders Require Title Companies to Sign Closing Instructions?

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Discover why title companies often refuse to sign lenders' closing instructions and the impact it can have on a stressful closing. Learn the ways you can prepare and explain closing instructions to make sure your lender doesn't get left asking "why the signature was necessary?" Private lenders, find the answers you need here!

Maximizing Wholesale Brokers’ Success: Challenges & Solutions

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Recently Found Out How Wholesale Broking Can Be Improved - Aaron Drago, Expert Mortgage Industry Consultant, Reveals Secrets To Streamlining Process. Discover the new and improved techniques for offering favorable outcomes in mortgage lending without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Lenders: Avoid 10-Year Construction Defect Liability in CA Fix-and-Flip Properties

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Learn how to mitigate lender liability when taking on state-mandated insurance requirements for construction defects in fix-and-flip properties. Find out key steps you should take to avoid being held liable for up to 10 years after the foreclosure process is complete. Get informed on the potential risks that lenders face and find out what you can do to protect yourself.

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