Fix-and-Flip Investors Fill Gaps in Housing Markets: Report

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New Western wanted to find out more about the motivations and strategies of these investors, known as ‘fix-and-flip’ investors. "Discover the motivations & strategies of 'fix-and-flip' investors with insights from survey results by real estate marketplace New Western. Learn how 80% of these investors are selling their single-family homes at or above asking prices after renovating them for habitability."

FHA Requiring Form for Borrower Language Preference

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This meta description highlights a significant new measure by the FHA which should become increasingly attractive to private lenders: requiring lenders to collect language preference information from those seeking financing- as praised by the National Consumer Law Center. Access financing on YOUR terms and get the financial services you need.

Zillow Stops Operating Closing Services

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A New Look at Private Lenders: Zillow Shuts Down Title Services, Seeks Tech-Enabled Platform to Realize Housing Super App Vision. Get the inside scoop on the exciting changes in the private lender industry from a mortgage industry expert.

process Digitization & preserving the human element: The COO of Legend Lending speaks up

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Be the first to recognize their achievements. Recognize the behind-the-scenes mortgage professionals making a huge impact on their organizations and get noticed by unlocking the world of HW Insiders. Join now to be the first to celebrate their success.

Planet Closes $10B MSR Deal in Acquisition Mode

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Planet Home Lending is a one stop shop for private lenders with its latest MSR deal, soaring past the $90 billion mark. Now offering a suite of programs with competitive rates & comprehensive services, PH is the top choice for loan products tailored to individual needs.

Figure Technologies Unveils Wholesale Lending Solution

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"Loan originators, now you have access to a unique and powerful HELOC offering from Figure Technologies - the Wholesale Lending Platform. Make financing options available to the private lender with this innovative tool from Figure Technologies."

Florida School District Develops Housing to Address Teacher Shortages

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This article explores how low-cost housing options for faculty and staff near certain schools can help solve the long-standing issue of high housing costs. Learn how school districts are addressing housing costs and creating a positive impact.

. Homebuilding Shows Positive Momentum

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Homebuilder confidence is at a 11-month high thanks to strong consumer demand, a dearth of existing inventory, and improved supply chain efficiency. Gain insight on the latest industry news, and find out why now is the optimal time for private lenders to take advantage of favorable mortgage conditions.

Housing Economists: Mortgage Rate Relief Won’t Occur Until 2023 or Later

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Highly competitive mortgage rates remain in the 6-7% range due to influential economist's predictions. Get the latest insights and discover ways to ensure success in this thriving mortgage industry.Equip yourself with the right information to keep your business a step ahead.

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