Despite rising interest rates impacting demand, real estate agents in Houston are reporting that the metro area’s housing market remains robust. This resilience can be attributed to several factors:

• Strong job market: Houston’s diverse economy continues to attract a steady influx of job seekers, driving demand for housing.
• Limited inventory: The supply of homes for sale in Houston remains constrained, putting upward pressure on prices and sustaining market strength.
• Continued population growth: Houston’s population growth, fueled by both domestic and international migration, is maintaining a steady stream of prospective homebuyers.

While some cooling in demand is evident due to rising interest rates, the overall health of Houston’s housing market appears to be holding strong, supported by a combination of a strong job market, limited inventory, and ongoing population growth. As real estate agents in the area continue to navigate these changing dynamics, they remain optimistic about the market’s resilience in the face of external economic factors.

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