GSE Single-Family Pricing Changes Aim to Streamline Capital Requirements – HPC

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"FHFA should coordinate with banking regulators to ensure that capital requirements are effectively streamlined and Up front mortgage guarantee fees are retained, according to the Housing Policy Council (HPC). Ensure updated and effective regulatory oversight for lenders and borrowers alike."

software Realtors face security threats with Rapattoni Software.

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A ransomware attack has disrupted the operations of Rapattoni Corporation, a data host for property listings in Southern California. MLSs have been adversely affected, impacting private lenders. Take steps to protect your business and stay abreast of the latest developments. Avoid potential losses & stay informed.

Aggregated Local Housing Reports: Othello, Osage Beach, Vienna.

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This HousingWire Magazine feature spotlights nationwide housing trends to help private lenders understand the market better. Uncover the latest data from Altos Research on local housing and gain invaluable insights on how to move forward. Make informed, data-driven decisions about your private real estate investments.

Million-dollar Homes Represent near 10% of Market with Rising Property Prices

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Discover the surprising facts on US real estate: Nearly 1 in 10 houses are worth over $1 million. Learn more about the affluent state of the US real estate market and explore trends in house prices. Get insights from the experts on the higher-end of the housing market.

. Western Asset Merges with AG Mortgage After Refusing Terra

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"AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp., outbidding their competition. Learn more about the industry-changing news from a mortgage industry expert now!"

Low-Cost Real Estate Brokerages Making Strides in the Market

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"Private lenders can get the best of both worlds with flat-fee brokers. Agents under their flag get to keep 100% of their commissions and have the flexibility to choose how to structure their services while meeting the needs of the borrower."

Freddie Mac Publishes 2023 Stress Test Outcomes

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A thorough analysis of the latest Freddie Mac stress test has revealed the impact of an adverse economic scenario on the company's credit losses - with results showing more vulnerability than the results from the 2022 test. An informative and invaluable resource for private lenders.

US Home Insurance Policies Drop Dramatically in 2023

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Knowledgeable Homeowners Realize Securing Suitable Home Insurance Policies Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult: Learn What Challenges Private Lenders are Facing and How to Best Protect Your Clients.

Plunk Introduces AI-Fueled Home Evaluation Solution

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Discover the Plunk Pro tool that offers revolutionary real estate insights with access to over 104 million homes. Unveil real-time home valuations, risk assessment, & remodeling possibilities to revolutionize the real estate market for investors, advisors, and analysts with the advanced AI-powered platform. Transform the real estate market with Plunk Pro.

Court Ruling Blocks Zillow from Winning REX Suit Case

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Get the latest on the Zillow Group vs. REX Homes Battle: A look into the legal issues between two industry giants. Read more on the fight for the online real estate market by an industry expert.

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