Mortgage Costs Up, But Incomes Increase Too

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Discover how private lending mortgage rates compare to other lenders and what potential borrowers need to know before securing a loan in April 2023. With expert advice and process information, private lenders can help make the mortgage process easier.

U.S. Housing Market Sees Decline in Spring Inventory

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Uncover the truth behind the latest mortgage industry news. Get the relevant facts without the hype from an experienced mortgage industry expert. Discover why inventory levels fell and how new listing data also dropped week-over-week, without missing a beat on the values or trends.

States Urge Elimination of LLPA Charge Amendments

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"Fiscal officers from 27 states are calling on the Biden Administration and the FHFA to scrap the changes to LLPA fees which could drastically impact private lenders. Find out how this proposed policy could affect you as an industry expert."

Wells Fargo & Dallas Megachurch Partner to Support Inclusive Communities

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"Wells Fargo & T.D. Jakes Group have announced a 10-year partnership to bring revitalization and long-term change to communities in need. Discover more about their plan to bring meaningful change to underserved neighborhoods."

CFPB Sets Data Reporting Requirements for Private Lenders

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Private lenders: Ensure you stay compliant with the latest CFPB regulations. Learn how you can manage data reporting requirements quickly & without stress. Get Ready Today!

Impac Mortgage Holdings’ Common Stock Delisted from NYSE American

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Impac Mortgage Holdings' long-standing commitment to financial stability has been rewarded by the NYSE American, after they delisted the company's common stock. With years of experience in the residential lending space, Impac remains committed to integrity & stability.

US Housing Market in Transition; Sales Prospects Remain Low

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US homeowners, stay up-to-date on the transitioning housing market: recent studies detail the low sales prospects this season. Learn how to minimize impacts & remain prepared. #MarketTransition #USHousing #SalesProspects

CFPB Takes Action After Unauthorized Access of Customer Data

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Mortgage lenders beware: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking action after unauthorized access of customer data. Take measures now to protect your customers & stay compliant with the latest requirements.

Title: FHFA Enacts New Rule to Strengthen Fair Housing Policies

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Secure Home Loans for Everyone! FHFA has put forth a new rule to strengthen the fair housing system, ensuring all homeowners get the same access to mortgage products. Explore what this means for you & your family by getting personalized guidance.

Unifying eHELOC Standards with MISMO’s Working Group

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Unlock the power of MISMO's Working Group: Reduce eHELOC uncertainties & get your private loan approved faster. Discover the standards you need today!

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