Home Prices Rise as Demand Grows, Inventory Shrinks

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"Homebuyer demand up while inventory declines, causing home prices to rise in March. Discover the implications for private lenders when you explore the full report!"

Finastra and Snapdocs Collaborate to Support Trustmark eClosings

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Snapdocs and Finastra have partnered to offer Trustmark a cutting-edge digital closing platform to transform its eClose processes. With this integration, Trustmark customers can enjoy a frictionless signing experience and make the home buying process simpler and more secure. Get the most out of Trustmark's eClosing transformation by leveraging Snapdocs and Finastra's Mortgagebot LOS. Easier. Faster. Safer.

DocMagic Enhances Library with ADA-Compliant Loan Documents

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The accessible digital documents from DocMagic provide disabled consumers the opportunity to participate in the broader mortgage market. The ADA-compliant documents are designed to unlock an array of options to give disabled consumers greater access to financial opportunities: convenience, speed, and reduced paperwork.

Institutional Investor Limitations in SFR Market

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"Investors have begun to enter the single-family residential real estate market, but a lack of knowledge and institutional investor limitations could hinder success. Learn how to overcome these potential pitfalls and capitalize on this expanding market."

Improving Accuracy within Home Mortgages: HMDA Update and Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments

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"Enhance mortgage accuracy with the latest HMDA regulations and Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments! Get a better understanding of the recent updates and discover how they can benefit you financially."

Karan Kaul’s Plans for Affordable Housing for Low-Income Buyers

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Karan Kaul is bringing affordable housing to low-income buyers. Get details on his plans to help make home ownership more accessible & create a brighter future. Make your mark with a meaningful investment & a chance to give back.

Washington’s Zoning Law Change: What Impact Will it Have on the Housing Market?

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Significant zoning changes in Washington, DC may alter the housing market landscape. Learn how these changes could affect your investments, buying power, and neighbourhoods now. Get the latest info on these impending changes.

Moderate Decrease of Existing Home Sales in March Despite Increase in February

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"Are you feeling the effects of the moderate decrease in existing home sales reported in March despite February's increase? Let us help you see the silver lining as a private lender."

NAMB Supports Proposal to Ban Trigger Leads

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NAMB urges private lenders to join forces in battling predatory lending practices. Learn how NAMB's proposal to ban trigger leads will protect borrowers and the industry. Start taking action today!

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