Black Knight Origination Tech Rebrands as Dark Matter Technologies After Sale

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Dark Matter Technologies is revolutionizing the mortgage origination process – delivering a seamless experience for lenders and borrowers. Our advanced technology and cutting-edge AI tools enable us to expedite the loan process and deliver greater customer satisfaction. Experience an unrivaled mortgage origination process with Dark Matter Technologies – revolutionizing the mortgage experience.

Mortgage Rates on the Rebound After Two Weeks of Decline

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Mortgage rates continue to stay above 7% even as investors focus on the potential impact of increasing headline inflation prior to next week's announcement from the Federal Reserve. Get expert insights on this important development and what it might mean for private lenders.

HGTV Approves Zillow Gone Wild Series

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Catch the comedic antics of Zillow Gone Wild in a new nine-episode series on HGTV! Follow Instagram's wildly popular account with 1.8 million followers and get a glimpse of the hilarity that ensues with weekly updates! Private lenders don't miss this opportunity to catch the crazy side of the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Industry Insights: NAR Lobbying History Visualized.

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR), a trade group representing 1.5 million members, is facing criticism over its policies and practices. In the wake of a troubling sexual harassment scandal, two class-action lawsuits were brought against the NAR, raising the prospect that how real [...]

Mortgage Credit Availability Edges Higher After 10-Year Low

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"August saw a slight improvement in credit availability for private lenders, although this was still near the historically low levels that occurred in early 2013. Gain insight into the current state of lending and find out how you can maximize your opportunities."

Realtors Targeted with Lead Generation Kit by

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"Realtors can now out-maneuver Zillow with's Agent Tool Kit; find out how private lender industry professionals can make the most of this innovative listing platform for optimal success."

FHFA Halts Credit Transition After Industry Worries

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"Increase your knowledge of the mortgage industry: Get the facts on the proposed update to credit score requirements from the FHFA! Explore the private lending implications of the proposed credit score requirements transformation and bi-merge model changes in a public comment period."

with this tech Elevate Your RE Business with Technology Solutions

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Meta Description: Get to the next level in your private lending career and learn from professionals Ben Kinney, Chris Suarez and me, industry expert. Don't play checkers in the dynamic market, gain key insights and strategies from the BuiltHOW event to help you succeed.

Mortgage Rates: Is This the Highest of the Year?

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The mortgage industry was abuzz with news last week. Discover what this flurry of data could mean for mortgage rates in 2023, and find out what you should keep in mind as a private lender. Get the inside scoop on the state of the mortgage industry now.

PennyMac, RoundPoint Suffer Data Breach.

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"Mortgage Industry Experts Reveal Data Breach at Pennymac Loan Services and RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing. Discover why customers were exposed to compromised data and how to best protect your information from the effects of a breach. Read on for expert advice."

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