Mortgage Agent Commissions Remain High Despite Challenges.

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Private lenders are facing difficult times as real estate agents are gaining market share and commission rates are rising. How is the real estate market responding to one of the toughest periods of affordability in years? Discover the impact of this dynamic force on the private lending industry.

Mortgage Demand Decreases Despite Rate Reduction

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"Financing opportunities are becoming increasingly constrictive, as mortgage rates reach new highs and make home purchasing and refinancing more difficult to achieve. MBA data shows homebuyer affordability and refinancing demand at risk due to mortgage rate increases."

DocMagic Enhances Library with ADA-Compliant Loan Documents

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The accessible digital documents from DocMagic provide disabled consumers the opportunity to participate in the broader mortgage market. The ADA-compliant documents are designed to unlock an array of options to give disabled consumers greater access to financial opportunities: convenience, speed, and reduced paperwork.

Impac Mortgage Holdings’ Common Stock Delisted from NYSE American

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Impac Mortgage Holdings' long-standing commitment to financial stability has been rewarded by the NYSE American, after they delisted the company's common stock. With years of experience in the residential lending space, Impac remains committed to integrity & stability.

Positive Home Market Trends Reaffirmed in March

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Secure a positive home market with March's latest proof! Learn more about the current trends & what your investments could benefit from today. #investments

Mortgage Professionals Adapt with Creative Strategies During Low Business Volume

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Discover proven strategies to help mortgage professionals survive slow business and create lasting success. Learn how to adapt, pivot and stay ahead of the competition. Let the experts show you how to make the most of low mortgage volumes.

Lightning Docs Releases Loan Modifications Module 2.0

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Lightning Docs has released Loan Modifications Module 2.0! Get the most reliable loan modification system in the business, now with more options to help private lenders. Make your loan modifications hassle-free and smoother than ever. Get started today!

Fee on High DTI Ratios Sparks Controversy in Mortgage Market

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Are DTI ratios unfairly penalizing borrowers? Many question the reliability of high DTI rates in the mortgage market. Dive into the heated debate & stay up-to-date with the latest news. Get answers to your questions from our expert private lender!

Guild Mortgage Expands With New Team in Albuquerque

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Guild Mortgage, the leading provider of mortgage services in the U.S., recently opened a new team in Albuquerque. Learn more about their commitment to customer service and competitive rates for all types of home loans. Get a better mortgage in Albuquerque today!

Navigating the ADU Landscape: Buyer Guidance in the Housing Crisis

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Navigating through a confusing home buyer's market? Learn how to buy in today's tricky housing environment with expert guidance and top strategies! Get insight on how to buy with confidence.

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