Inventory Shortage Persists in Current Housing Market

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2019 housing market still suffering from inventory shortage! As demand increasingly outpaces supply, private lenders need to be prepared for the continued pressure on home prices & the difficulty of finding quality properties to finance. Act now to get ahead!

Homebridge Layoffs: Consolidation in Mortgage Industry

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"Explore the impact of Homebridge's layoffs on the mortgage industry. Find out how the mortgage sector is evolving post-consolidation & the effects on lenders. Get up-to-date information & insight now!"

Analyzing the current state of the housing market is essential to making the right decisions in the future and safeguard against potential risks. Title: Examining the Impact of Recession on the US Housing Market

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"Stay ahead of the curve and understand the current state of the US housing market! Discover how the recession has impacted the market & equip yourself to maximize your opportunities & minimize potential risks. Start analyzing now!"

February Pending Home Sales Still Show Promise Despite Lower Than Expected Readings

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"The February pending home sales numbers aren't as high as hoped, yet they still remain a beacon of light in the housing sector, providing hope for a renewed outlook. Check out the full report to see what other promise the market holds."

FHFA Expands COVID-19 Loan Payment Deferral Program for Homeowners

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Don't let COVID disrupt your home loan. FHFA offers payment deferral for struggling homeowners. Get the info and the help you need - fast, secure, and absolutely free! #homeowners #COVID #FHFA #paymentdeferral

Amended Discrimination Lawsuit against Wells Fargo Given the Green Light

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Wells Fargo is facing an amended discrimination lawsuit, and things don't look good. See why this decision has been made and what it could mean for the financial giant & private lenders. Protect your investments by staying informed.

Title: Tech Hubs Feeling Implications of Tech Sector Slowdown

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As tech companies struggle to weather the slowing economy, tech hubs are feeling the squeeze. Find out how fintech lenders are helping business stay afloat with fast and flexible private loans. Secure the funds you need to keep your company running!

The Increasing Risk of Fannie Mae’s Mission Creep

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"Fannie Mae has evolved from its original focus as a mortgage provider, but is the level of risk increasing? Find out the implications of their changing mission. Get financial insights to make the right decisions."

Rebound in Prepayment Rates Signals Start of Busy Home Buying Season

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"The home buying season is officially underway! Rebounding prepayment rates signal an increase in mortgage activity and a busy season ahead – get in on the action and explore all your private lending options!"

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