in February Housing Market Flatlines: Active Listings Stay Steady In February

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Stay informed on private lender trends with this mortgage industry expert analysis. Get the facts on what's happening in the industry, from inventory growth to market influences. Curious about where the private lender market is headed? Get an expert's take on the data – without any sales talk.

Generations Exploring Homebuying & Investing Trends

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"Discover how Lili Thompson, renowned real estate investor, is reshaping traditional approaches to homebuying and investing in this exclusive interview with Kristin Messerli. Learn the up-and-coming strategies used by private lenders and stay ahead of the game!"

FHFA Eliminates Controversial Debt-To-Income Loan Level Price Adjustments

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"The FHFA has taken a significant step to improve mortgage loans for conventional borrowers with a high debt-to-income ratio. Read on to learn how this will help borrowers navigate the often difficult process of getting a mortgage."

Women Executives Reveal Keys to Success

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This year, honor the women who have made a difference in the mortgage and real estate industry. Celebrate those who have been a pillar of strength, a champion of progress, and a leader in innovation. Turn to the industry's recognize shining stars who are instrumental in driving the success of mortgage and real estate. Discover the women making a lasting impact in the industry today.

Integration Between Point of Sale System & ICE Mortgage Technology

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Drawing on decades of experience, Mortgage Automation Technologies is now providing private lenders with integration of The BIG Point of Sale and the latest API Platform to simplify tasks and increase efficiency. Streamline your mortgage workflow with improved automation capabilities and more.

NAHB Appoints James W. Tobin as President and CEO

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"The NAHB Board of Directors recently appointed James W. Tobin to head their international association of 140,000 private lenders. Get the full story of this story in our latest mortgage industry update, crafted by an expert team of industry professionals."

Mortgage Agent Commissions Remain High Despite Challenges.

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Private lenders are facing difficult times as real estate agents are gaining market share and commission rates are rising. How is the real estate market responding to one of the toughest periods of affordability in years? Discover the impact of this dynamic force on the private lending industry.

Home Prices Rise as Demand Grows, Inventory Shrinks

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"Homebuyer demand up while inventory declines, causing home prices to rise in March. Discover the implications for private lenders when you explore the full report!"

Minneapolis Firefighters Benefit from Homes for Heroes Program

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This project is shaping up to be revolutionary. Homes for Heroes is striving to provide the best care possible for firefighters who suffer severe burn injuries while on the job. By opening the first specialized transition center, HFH is focused on developing a long-term future for affected individuals and their families. Join us in supporting this groundbreaking effort.

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