Guaranteed Rate Affinity Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Originators Over Unpaid Compensation

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"Former loan originators are facing accusations from Guaranteed Rate Affinity of breach of contract due to allegations that they have failed to repay signing bonuses and commissions after leaving the company. Mortgage industry experts have the inside scoop on this news."

Divvy Homes Cuts Jobs in Latest Round of Layoffs

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This meta title offers insight into the current mortgage landscape and how it's affecting private lenders. Discover how rising interest rates have caused cuts for Divvy - a startup in 20 states - and explore the implications this has for private lenders. Gain valuable knowledge that will help you succeed in this competitive field.

Home Sales Dip, Prices Stable

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This Wall Street Journal editorial is missing the mark. The truth is home prices are only fractionally higher than last year. Find out why government programs to help homebuyers and students are nowhere near as bad as suggested by the piece. Learn more about how private lenders are affected.

, What It Means to Real Estate Flyhomes’ Acquisition of Home Sale Assured Explained.

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Flyhomes is revolutionizing the home buying experience with an innovative solution to reduce the stress and complexity of purchasing a new home. In a proactive move to provide even more assistance to buyers in the Proptech industry, Flyhomes is now the proud owner of Home Sale Assured, a "buy before you sell" platform to help homeowners with complicated transitions. Make your home purchase worry-free and explore Flyhomes and Home Sale Assured's reliable solutions today!

Real Estate Agents: New AI-Powered Listing Tool from Revive

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Unlock real estate investment opportunities with Revive Vision AI. An AI-driven tool powered by computer vision technology, it evaluates properties' current condition and provides a detailed assessment of current market value and potential value post-renovation. Helping private lenders confidently and accurately invest in the right real estate opportunities.

with this tech Elevate Your RE Business with Technology Solutions

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Meta Description: Get to the next level in your private lending career and learn from professionals Ben Kinney, Chris Suarez and me, industry expert. Don't play checkers in the dynamic market, gain key insights and strategies from the BuiltHOW event to help you succeed.

Homeownership Heats Up as Dream Becomes Reality

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Private lenders play an increasingly important role for borrowers. Understanding the market and its unique demands is essential to success. This summary provides private lenders with the knowledge needed to approach mortgages with confidence. This summary provides invaluable insight for private lenders navigating the mortgage market. A better understanding of the distinct demands of the market is essential for success. With the necessary knowledge, lenders can confidently approach any situation and successfully realize their borrowers' American Dreams.

Addendum or Modification Agreement: What’s the Difference?

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Discover the difference between a corrective addendum and a modification agreement—two tools private lenders can use to make changes after a loan is closed. Learn when and how to apply these methods to ensure the best result.

Mortgage Rates Stall Housing Market Above 7%.

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This week's mortgage rate of 7.12% promises savings for both current and new borrowers. Applications for mortgages, however, have sunk to a 28-year low. Take advantage of this opportunity and find the best rates to ensure your financial stability. Get expert mortgage help from an industry leader today.

Real Estate Buyer Broker Commissions: Settling Disputes

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For Private Lenders: Get the inside scoop on the capacities of real estate conglomerate Anywhere's recent settlement agreements with Moehrl & Sitzer/Burnett. Get the know-how and understand what Society clauses were involved, and the repercussions of the agreements. Learn all the legal facts without the hoopla.

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