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Complying with California Threshold and Multi-Lender Broker Reporting Requirements

2021-11-13T19:22:20-08:00Private Money Lending|

Violations in the compliance of California's Threshold and Multi-Lender Broker reporting requirements are very common, largely due to the confusing nature of those requirements. Thus, as a mortgage broker in California, it is important to have some guide or a road map to help [...]

Must California Lenders Pay Interest on Insurance Proceeds?

2021-11-13T19:17:56-08:00Private Money Lending|

Simple, no! This question was engendered as a result of the clients' continual demand for interest on "hazard insurance proceeds" in escrow accounts. They based their claims on the fact that California, like 16 other states, demand lenders pay interest on mortgage loan's escrow [...]

A “Wyatt” Standard for Insurance Brokers?

2021-11-13T17:59:25-08:00Private Money Lending|

For brokers or hard money lenders, there are lessons to learn. This dates back to 1966, when Joseph and Clarice Wyatt walked into Union Home Mortgage's office to borrow $2,500. What they didn't know is that the loan, and the lawsuit that would ensue [...]

Buying and Selling Notes – What is the Current Property Value?


One of the considerations when buying and selling mortgage notes is knowing the current value of the home. After all, the property is the collateral, and knowing its true value will greatly affect how much an investor will pay for a note. Historically, this [...]

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