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How New Solutions are Reinventing Secondary Market Access for Local Lenders

2022-08-11T07:57:54-07:00Private Money Lending|

The secondary market offers a fantastic chance to pursue higher margins, more competitive pricing, and enhanced profitability in today's competitive environment. However, this area also poses difficulties for America's small-scale lenders. Despite the crucial role that small and midsize lenders play in the $4 [...]

The Savage Unhealthy Housing Market is a Nightmare

2022-08-11T07:57:42-07:00Private Money Lending|

The housing disaster keeps happening. The number of existing-home sales for April was 5.41 million, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which decreased 8.6% from last year and 3.4% from the previous month. However, the savagely unhealthy data point showed that housing [...]

How Mortgage Lenders are Qualifying the Value of Fintech Solutions

2022-07-04T06:20:49-07:00Private Money Lending|

Innovative approaches have emerged due to an increasingly digitalized environment, simplifying operations for everyone, including mortgage lenders. However, how lenders can gauge the success of their fintech solutions and what they can do to keep up with the digital mortgage revolution is a great [...]

Title Policy Endorsements: What Every Lender Needs to Know

2022-12-05T23:08:58-08:00Private Money Lending|

When a property's title flaws cause the mortgage lender to suffer financial loss, title insurance shields them. The American Land Title Association (ALTA), which oversees the title insurance business nationwide, issues regular title insurance policies and specific endorsements that broaden coverage and safeguard the [...]

Purchase Mortgage Applications Defy Surging Rates

2022-07-04T06:20:49-07:00Private Money Lending|

According to the most recent Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) survey for June 17, mortgage applications jumped 4.2% from the previous week despite mortgage rates reaching their highest level in 14 years. Joel Kan, associate vice president of economic and industry forecasting for the trade [...]

Blockchain and the Mortgage Industry: The Early but Important Days

2022-07-04T06:20:49-07:00Private Money Lending|

When blockchain technology emerged in 2008 and became popularized by Bitcoin, thoughts about completely decentralized commerce and futures without banks erupted in rapturous public discourse. However, this future is still being formed. Today, networks of blockchains are being approached in a more regulated and [...]

Ways to Grow Your Mortgage Broker Business

2022-06-19T22:13:54-07:00Private Money Lending|

Here are three pointers to consider as you expand your mortgage broker firm. Make Realistic Goals You can set ambitious goals, but remember that they must be attainable. For example, what is the maximum size of your mortgage broker business? How much money do [...]

Why Lenders Should Choose In-Person Electronic Notarization Over Remote Online Notarization

2022-06-19T22:13:54-07:00Private Money Lending|

According to lenders and homeowners, the traditional in-person signing system has long been riddled with inefficiencies. Moreover, traditional techniques for completing in-person signings are not without their challenges; they have only become more apparent in recent years as digitization has increased in an increasingly [...]

Are these Factors Creating Chaos in the Mortgage Lending Operations?

2022-06-10T07:12:09-07:00Private Money Lending|

Companies continually deal with high volume and tight regulatory supervision while managing a huge cohort of vendor partners, from mortgage origination to servicing. To be competitive when the pressure is on, lenders must provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, lower costs, or both. Increased [...]

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