Zillow, a leading real estate and rental marketplace, and ShowingTime, a popular showing management platform, have filed lawsuits against ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service) and Metro MLS. The legal actions come after both listing platforms terminated the integration of ShowingTime’s software, which allows agents to schedule property showings, into their systems.

Zillow and ShowingTime argue that the sudden termination of integration by ARMLS and Metro MLS has negatively impacted real estate agents and customers who heavily rely on this service for scheduling property viewings. The lawsuits claim that this action violates antitrust laws, as the defendants allegedly engaged in anti-competitive behavior by restricting access to ShowingTime’s widely-used scheduling tool.

Key points from the text:

– Zillow and ShowingTime filed lawsuits against ARMLS and Metro MLS.
– The lawsuits follow the termination of ShowingTime integration in the listing platforms.
– ShowingTime’s software facilitates property showing scheduling for agents and customers.
– Zillow and ShowingTime argue that the termination negatively affected users.
– The legal actions claim that ARMLS and Metro MLS engaged in anti-competitive behavior violating antitrust laws.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/zillow-showingtime-sue-2-multiple-listing-services/(subscription required)

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