The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is looking to revise their oversight of the single-family housing market. The agency has been receiving feedback from stakeholders and industry members on how to improve the GSEs’ pricing framework.

The FHFA has identified the improvement of the single-family housing market as a key priority in its oversight of the GSEs. To ensure this, the FHFA is seeking input from industry members to gain an understanding of objectives and higher order goals that should be incorporated into the new pricing framework.

Notable considerations include:
• Improved borrower access: Increasing access to credit by minimizing cost is a top priority for the FHFA.
• Transparency and liquid markets: Stakeholders have cited a need for more transparent and liquid mortgage markets.
• Risk-management: The FHFA is considering measures to help protect lenders from significant financial distress.
• Responsible
Borrowing: The FHFA is gauging industry opinion on helping borrowers understand their credit, and
take responsibility for their own financial decisions.
• Modeling and analytics: The FHFA is looking to develop metrics and related analytics that could
improve governance of the single-family housing market.

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