Rithm to Buy Computershare Mortgage Services for $720M

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Real estate investors can now benefit from Rithm Capital Corp's acquisition of Computershare Mortgage Services Inc. for $720 million. Learn the details of how the purchase will benefit private lenders in this expert summary.

Mr. Cooper CEO Jay Bray Discusses Challenges & Opportunities of Acquiring Home Point Capital.

2023-09-29T12:57:26-07:00private lender servicing, private loan servicing company|

Jay Bray, CEO of Mr. Cooper, explains the recent Home Point Capital acquisition and the challenges that were faced. Find out how this merger will impact the private lender landscape and what it means for the industry.

NAR, Brokerages Oppose Effort to Avoid Cross Examination

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The National Association of Realtors and brokerages are defending themselves against allegations of unfair practices. Private lenders can read an in-depth summary of the situation, why the parties are in court, and what the potential implications could be. Get the facts so you can make informed decisions regarding mortgage industry investment.

Non-White Homebuyers Report Discrimination in Homebuying Processes.

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This meta description captures the struggles of minorities when trying to buy a home: "Navigating the mortgage industry can be a challenge - especially for Blacks and Hispanics. Discover how more than a third of Hispanics and over a third of Blacks face discrimination when home searching."

Florida Indie Brokerage Joins RE/MAX at 47 Years Old

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"Make your real estate dreams a reality with Foxfire Realty, an Ocala, FL-based firm with RE/MAX. With years of experience, Gene Boone and his team can provide you with the guidance needed to find your perfect home or property."

Exploring Risks: Ignorance about Default & REO Can Have Painful Consequences

2023-09-29T04:59:52-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing companies|

Michael Krein, President of the National REO Brokers Association, highlights the importance of proactively dealing with the next REO spike for default and REO professionals. Get expert advice from Krein on how to prepare now for remaining competitive in the industry.

Mortgage Rates Reach 20-Year High, Applications Decrease

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"Learn how a decrease in mortgage applications following a Federal Open Market Committee meeting affects private lenders. Get the scoop on the trends defining cash-out refinance activity and more without the sales pitch."

Fintech Maxwell Buys Digital Lending Platform Revvin

2023-09-27T04:03:18-07:00private lender servicing|

Maxwell boosts point-of-sale tech with acquisition of digital lending platform Revvin. Expert mortgage industry opinion on how this deal will enhance sophistication of point-of-sale technology for private lenders. Learn more today.

. Mortgage Market Experiences Increased Home Inventory Levels.

2023-09-26T06:19:22-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Celebrating the strength of real estate, summarize the current market with this meta description. This week's mortgage market continues to impress with 2% increases in home inventory across the board. Homebuyers are responding to the highest mortgage rates in more than 20 years, evidencing the strength of the real estate market. A great time for private lenders to get a piece of the action!

– How It Effects Homeowners Mortgage Firm MV Realty Declares Bankruptcy: Impact on Homeowners

2023-09-25T14:02:27-07:00private loan servicing company, private money loan servicing|

For private lenders seeking information on the Right-to-list agreement firm MV Realty, this meta describes its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing across 33 states and any potential legal issues. Learn how this change could affect your investments and make educated decisions. Get the facts here.

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