Improved real estate recruitment expected in 2024: Relitix

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"The latest industry index reveals a potential turnaround as agent recruitment in the mortgage market shows signs of growth after a prolonged decline."

California Home Sales Hit 16-Year Low, A Major Setback for the Housing Market

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California Home Sales Plummet to 16-Year Low. Nearly two-thirds of the state's counties see a decline in active listings compared to last year. Ideal for private lenders.

Housing organizations unite, urging full funding for FHA and Ginnie Mae.

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As Congress deliberates housing agency budget cuts, industry leaders urge reconsideration. Learn how this impacts private lenders and the mortgage industry.

Opinion: Regulatory Compliance Commences with Leadership

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As the mortgage industry adapts to a new regulatory era, private lenders must prioritize compliance with the law throughout their organization, from the C-suite to the boardroom. Discover the importance of meeting regulatory expectations in this insightful summary.

Institutional Property Advisors Facilitates $171M Sale of California Multifamily Portfolio

2023-12-18T13:10:10-08:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Looking for investment opportunities? Check out the $171 million California multifamily portfolio sale in Thousand Oaks, brokered by Institutional Property Advisors.

New Affordable Housing Community in San Antonio Begins Construction

2023-12-15T13:01:26-08:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Introducing Nova Loft: A new affordable housing community in San Antonio. Leasing begins January 2025, with completion expected by April 2025. Learn more.

Real Estate Weekly’s Highlights and Shortcomings

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Discover the latest real estate trends with highlights on the Fed's messaging, Dolly Parton's engagement in commercial real estate, and alarming homelessness statistics.

Mr. Cooper acknowledges personal data breach following cyberattack

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Learn about the cyberattack on Mr. Cooper, a mortgage industry expert. Findings reveal compromised customer data, impacting private lenders. Get insights now.

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