Zillow reveals Gen Z embraces California’s high costs, undeterred.

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"Insightful analysis reveals lucrative states drawing an influx of younger adults, presenting potential opportunities for private lenders. Discover more."

NAR’s Stance: Cooperative Compensation Benefits Consumers

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Private lenders can find interesting information about cooperative compensation in the mortgage industry. NAR believes this outcome was unsupported and driven by erroneous rulings.

Real Estate Week: Key Performance Highlights and Lowlights

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Explore the latest real estate trends, including an XXL listing price, Janet Yellen's remarks, and unexpected migration of Gen Zers into California. Discover more insights.

Housing affordability lingers at historically low levels, reports NAHB.

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Discover the state of affordability in the housing market as only 37.7% of new and existing homes sold in Q4 2023 were deemed affordable for median-income households. Valuable insight for private lenders.

Becoming the preferred agent in your area with effective tips, tools, and strategies for real estate farming.

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Unlock the secrets to connecting with your community, building enduring relationships, and establishing a reputable brand in the mortgage industry. Discover crucial insights for private lenders.

Colorado reverse mortgage professional finds success with shifted radio outreach.

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Discover how a strategic shift to radio helped Bruce Simmons enhance his reverse mortgage business, providing compelling insights for private lenders.

Analysis: Location and Return Timeline of Housing Inventory Revealed

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"Discover intriguing shifts in housing inventory revealed by recent Census Bureau data, with valuable insights into future trends provided by Altos Research." (155 characters)

Popularity of assumable mortgages increases, yet obstacles persist

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Discover the challenges hindering widespread adoption of mortgage products: product limitations, strict regulations, and operational inefficiencies. Valuable insights for private lenders.

Study Reveals Disparities in Homeownership Rates Between Blacks and Whites

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A data study by LendingTree reveals racial disparities in homeownership, with Black people owning only 10.15% of homes nationwide while Whites own 69%. Explore the findings here.

Opendoor’s Live Home Sale Commercial to Air During Super Bowl Halftime

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Livestream footage of home sale commercial during Super Bowl halftime will air on Atlanta TV and Opendoor.com website. Find out more.

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