Real Estate Market Sees Soft Landing: What’s Ahead?

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This summary describes various strategies and techniques private lenders can pursue for a gentle transition which won't result in a crash or bubble burst. A gentle landing is possible for private lenders. Discover various strategies and techniques to ensure a smooth transition that avoids the harm of a market crash or bubble burst. Get expert advice on how to navigate a financially stable exit from the cycle.

Reserves Help Black Borrowers Sustain Homeownership: Report

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This new report authored by the Urban Institute examines how mortgage reserve accounts could help preserve homeownership for people of color. Discover the potential for this financial tool and explore how it might be used to help secure a more equitable future.

UWM Launches Special Programs for First-Time Homebuyers

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"UWM is helping underserved borrowers become homeowners with two remarkable new mortgage products. These specialized products make it easy to take the first step toward homeownership and make your dreams of owning a home a reality. Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity today!"

Sales Volume Slumps From Pandemic Peak, But Remains High

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"A new study finds land sales stayed high in the early part of 2023, despite the increasing interest rates and inflationary pressure. Get the insights you need to make successful investments in private lending with this comprehensive overview of the market."

Black Knight/ICE Merger: Can Divesting Optimal Blue Ensure Approval?

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An analysis from the experts at KBW suggests a divesture of Optimal Blue as a feasible pathway for the Black-Knight ICE merger. Discover what this could mean for private lenders with the latest industry news.

mortgage rates Mortgage Rates Fall Following Housing Market Inventory Shocks

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Discover how the US housing market is in a savagely unhealthy state: weekly active and new listings were down across the board from the week before and the year prior. Learn more about the concerning effects of the current private loan market.

Fix-and-Flip Market Overview Now.

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Flippers looking to invest in property rehabs in 2020 face difficult odds: costs are up, banks are stricter, and returns slim. Learn strategies to weather the storm in the mortgage industry this year.

Housing Survey Higher Rates & Prices Not Discouraging Consumers from Homebuying: Fannie Mae Survey

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"New survey results from Fannie Mae indicate that consumer confidence in housing may have plateaued at a lower than desirable level. Discover the latest insights and get informed on the mortgage market by an industry expert with subject matter expertise."

CHLA Applauds Bill to Tackle Mortgage Trigger Leads

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This meta description creates a concise overview of the news regarding the CHLA's letter in support of Mortgage Trigger Leads regulation, while also suggesting some revisions. Get the full story on the potential changes to the mortgage industry from an industry expert.

Nominate Yourself for 2023 HW Vanguards: Mortgage Industry Recognition

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, private lenders, and other industry professionals whose hard work and dedication to strengthening the mortgage industry have made a lasting impact. Learn how you can nominate an industry leader for this singular honor today. This is your chance to recognize an industry leader's accomplishments! Nominate c-suite executives, private lenders, and other mortgage professionals for the 2023 HW Vanguard Award. Make their contributions to the mortgage industry last forever and show how much they mean to you. Find out how to nominate someone today!

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