Colorado reverse mortgage professional finds success with shifted radio outreach.

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Discover how a strategic shift to radio helped Bruce Simmons enhance his reverse mortgage business, providing compelling insights for private lenders.

Rithm Capital achieves a profit of $524 million in 2023.

2024-02-07T07:58:45-08:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage loan servicing|

Discover the latest news in the mortgage industry. Gain insights on the performance of a New York-based REIT, as it reports a net loss of $87.5M in the final quarter. Explore opportunities for private lenders.

Increase in Mortgage Demand Driven by Strong Purchase Applications

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"Discover the latest market trends as mortgage demand rises, driven by lower interest rates, attracting homebuyers and refinance applicants."

REX appeals ongoing court ruling in battle against Zillow.

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As a mortgage industry expert, read a summary on REX's appeal to the Ninth Circuit regarding a lower court's decision on its suit against Zillow. Find out more.

Rocket Homes Real Estate search app now accessible to Apple Vision Pro buyers.

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Rocket Homes introduces its Apple Vision Pro app, enabling private lenders to seamlessly explore properties via an innovative blend of physical and virtual experiences. Discover this cutting-edge solution now.

Fed survey: Nearly all banks report tightened lending standards for residential mortgages.

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Private lenders can expect mortgage demand to strengthen across all loan categories in the coming years, driven by expected rate cuts, according to industry experts. Stay informed with the latest news.

Wire fraud mitigation efforts prioritize consumer education.

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Discover the crucial role of consumer education in combating wire fraud and protecting private lenders from real estate fraud risks.

Multi-Million Dollar Sale of Full-Floor NYC Condo Achieved

2024-02-05T14:06:46-08:00private lender servicing, private loan servicing company|

Private lenders may find the recent sale of a full-floor NYC condo for nearly $62 million intriguing. The Asian buyer utilized a limited liability company for this transaction. Read more at Weekly Real Estate News.

HomeServices requests Supreme Court to extend arbitration to Sitzer litigation.

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide clinical summaries of industry news. Discover why the Supreme Court ruling on arbitrability in the Sitzer suit could be of interest to private lenders.

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