The New South continues to experience rapid growth in its economy and housing market. A few factors have contributed to this growth, including the influx of people from the North and Midwest, strong job gains, and more high-skilled workers. This growth has already transformed the region, but the sustainability of this phenomenon is now being questioned.

This growth has been spurred by an influx of workers from other states over the past several years. Many of the new arrivals have been drawn to the region by the promise of employment opportunities normally associated with larger city regions. These high-skill jobs are mainly in the technology, finance, and healthcare sectors, and require a well-educated workforce. Moreover, as people have relocated to the New South, they have changed the culture and the face of the region.

The most important elements of the text are:

* The New South’s economy and housing market are both experiencing rapid growth
* The growth is being largely powered by people relocating from other states
* High-skilled jobs in technology, finance, and healthcare are driving this growth
* This influx has changed the culture and face of the New South
* Questions remain about the sustainability of this growth and how the New South will develop

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