The mortgage industry experts agree that a large number of mergers and acquisition (M&A) deals are in progress and that they’ll all be done quietly this year. This marks a maturity point for the mortgage industry, when those who are in it – both borrowers and lenders – will be subject to a much higher competitive pressure.

Those companies that are able to survive this test are expected to have even greater opportunities to grow and expand in the future. The current situation will require great amounts of resilience from all involved: lenders, tech providers, and service providers need to invest in innovation and expanding services, while borrowers need to focus on managing their debt position and credit rating, and managing the risks associated with market cycles.

Main Points:
– Roughly 60 M&A deals in the mortgage industry happening this year
– A maturity point for the mortgage industry which will test who survives and who disappears
– Companies that survive this test will have greater opportunities for growth in the future
– All involved must invest in innovation, expanding services, and managing debt/credit/risks to succeed.

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