State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has called upon eXp, a prominent company in the mortgage industry, to initiate an impartial investigation into a series of disturbing complaints pertaining to sexual assault and harassment. DiNapoli’s request comes in the wake of numerous allegations made against employees of eXp, advocating for a comprehensive examination of these serious claims. As an expert in the mortgage industry, it is crucial to shed light on this concerning development and emphasize the need for a thorough investigation to deliver justice and ensure a safe work environment for all employees.

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– State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli urges eXp, a leading mortgage company, to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of sexual assault and harassment.
– Various complaints have been filed against employees of eXp, bringing to the forefront the pressing need for a comprehensive examination of these claims.
– Experts and industry insiders emphasize the significance of addressing these serious allegations, ensuring justice and fostering a secure workplace environment for all employees.

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