Borrowers Benefits

Seller Financing can help you purchase your dream home, land or even an investment property for that matter, even if you cannot qualify for a bank loan. With over 35 years real estate experience, we have found there also there are many properties that do qualify for institutional loans.

Not only is qualifying sometimes a stumbling block to purchasing, but the costs, time and process of obtaining a new loan are horrific.

With seller financing you eliminate: discount points, loan application fees, appraisals and other “garbage” closing costs. Typically, escrow and title fees are all that is required. Additionally, interest rates are normally lower and the price is almost always negotiable.

Borrowers/Buyers Can Also Benefit By Using Note Servicing Center. Here’s WHY:

  • Use as a Negotiating Tool: Your agreement to use of an independent third party to service the loan results in Sellers being more likely to accept your offer.
  • Impounding for taxes, insurance and homeowners dues, allows you to spread these annual payments over time.
  • Our servicing software accommodates all types of custom payment schedules including irregular payments, special principal payments, wrap around and all inclusive, bi-annual and/or bi-monthly payments. Whatever it takes to make a tailor made financing arrangement.
  • Assure you that all the bookkeeping accurately reflect the amounts paid appropriately separated between principal and interest. Your account balance will be correct at all times.
  • Your IRS 1098 Report is automatically sent to you each year, plus year end statement
  • The Note Servicing Center provides you with payment coupons and envelopes for convenience in making your monthly payment,
  • If you need a “note modification” we can help in the implement and reset to reflect the change and proceed with the new accounting loan.
  • Access to a customer representative, where a friendly “real live” person is ready, willing and able to provide you with answers to your questions and access to your account.
  • If there is more than one person receiving payments on the note, we can provide split payment accounting.
  • There are no “hidden fees”. A small monthly loan-servicing fee covers all routine services.

Partial List of Services Provided For The Borrower

  • Payment Coupons for the life of the loan
  • Monthly Receipts
  • Mailing Delinquency Notices notifying of late fees
  • Providing and Mailing Annual IRS 1098 interest statement
  • Annual Statement of Account and Payment History
  • Tracking and Mailing Balloon Payment Requirements
  • Preparation of Payoff Demand
  • ACH Automatic withdrawal from Bank Account
  • On-Line Note/Loan Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Payment of underlying Senior Loans
  • Escrow (Impounding) funds for payment of Taxes, Insurance and HOA if required