A recent study has revealed that renting a home is more affordable than homeownership in nearly 90% of local markets. The study analyzed median three-bedroom rents and compared them to average local wages. Highlights from the study include:

– The majority of affordable rental markets are located in the Midwest and South regions of the United States.
– Out of the 64 markets analyzed, 59 fall into the category where median three-bedroom rents require less than one-third of average local wages.
– This study sheds light on the ongoing affordability crisis in the housing market, with homeownership proving to be a greater financial burden for many individuals and families.
– The findings suggest that renting provides a more feasible option for those struggling to make ends meet and highlights the challenges faced by potential homebuyers.
– The implications of this study may have a significant impact on future housing policies and the overall perception of homeownership versus renting.

Overall, the study reveals an alarming trend where renting is more financially viable than homeownership in a significant majority of local markets. This discrepancy highlights the affordability challenges faced by potential homebuyers and emphasizes the growing significance of rental housing in the current real estate landscape.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/study-renting-is-more-affordable-than-homeownership-in-nearly-90-of-local-markets/

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