is attempting to make headway in revolutionizing real estate online by touting their new Sell-Side Agent Tool Kit. This comprehensive suite of resources is designed to help agents list their properties in an easy-to-digest format, featuring vivid display photos, effective search engine optimization, and real-time notifications.

The toolkit also includes market analysis tools which will help agents forecast market trends, give accurate pricing suggestions, and generate effective comparative market analyses to push potential buyers towards the best deals available. The comprehensive suite also enables agents to craft customizable outreach emails in record time. Agents can view, monitor, and generate reports of open house activity, furthering their efforts in engaging buyers and sellers alike.

The following points are the major bullet points in the summary:

• is launching its Sell-Side Agent Tool Kit in order to compete with Zillow as a listing platform.
• This suite of resources includes vivid display photos, effective search engine optimization, real-time notifications, market analysis tools, pricing suggestions, comparative market analyses, customizable outreach emails, open house activity tracking, and reporting features.
• These resources are designed to make it easier for agents to list properties accurately and engage buyers and sellers with ease.

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