Bank failures have become more prevalent and have amplified uncertainty in the banking industry in the present day. With traditional banks failing spectacularly, it has created a vicious cycle where citizens have a lack of faith in different regional banks, causing a large, sudden withdrawal of deposits from smaller banks. This has pushed many citizens towards large financial institutions, who are deemed too big to fail, as a source of safety and security.

Private lenders have seen this anxiety and the emergence of banking uncertainty as an opportunity to step in. These private lenders have proven to be a welcome, secure solution with many benefits, like lower overhead costs, for citizens who have become increasingly weary of traditional banks. As the banking industry continues to become more unpredictable, private lenders are becoming a more viable option for citizens who prioritize safety and security for their finances.

• Bank failures – decreased trust in the banking industry resulting in sudden withdrawal of deposits from smaller banks
• Citizens look to large, “too big to fail” financial institutions for safety and security
• Private lenders have emerged as a welcome, secure solution with lower overhead costs
• Banking uncertainty has pushed citizens towards private lenders for their financial security

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