PrimeLending, a leading residential mortgage lending firm, has recently adopted a new strategy to grow their mortgage business. Their goal is to increase their presence in existing markets by recruiting high-producing loan officers who can provide knowledgeable and professional service in their field.

This new strategy could prove to be financially beneficial for PrimeLending, as the loan officers they recruit will bring with them high-caliber production while boosting the company’s presence in the markets they serve. In addition, their existing loan officers and home loan advisors will gain access to new resources and software. This will streamline processes and make it easier for them to access competitive loan products and innovative offerings from PrimeLending.

• PrimeLending’s strategy incorporates recruiting high-producing loan officers in existing markets to increase market share
• Goal is to boost the company’s presence and access to competitive loan products
• Loan officers bring with them a high-caliber production
• Existing loan officers and home loan advisors will gain access to new resources and software to streamline processes
• Innovative offerings from PrimeLending to be made available to the loan officers

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