The surge in the housing market brought on by the pandemic has remained in certain pockets of America. Attendance at open houses is still high, and many buyers are paying tens of thousands more than the list price for the properties they are interested in. This trend is unlikely to change in the near future.

In this current real estate climate, buyers need to make sure that they do not let their emotions ruin their decision making, as many have been known to do in hot housing markets. It is important to be realistic, think long-term, and understand the costs and benefits of making such a large purchase. Mortgage lenders need to ensure that their borrowers understand the financial implications of taking out a loan and make sure they have the resources and ability to make the payments on time.

Key Points:
– Pandemic caused surge in housing market remains in certain regions
– Many buyers are paying tens of thousands more than list price
– Trend not likely to change soon
– Buyers should be aware of their decision making and financial implications
– Mortgage lenders should make sure borrowers understand the financial implications and can make payments on time

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