Florida’s Priciest Property Gets Discounted

The most expensive property in Florida, 10 Tarpon Isle, has been listed at a reduced price, dropping from last year’s $218 million to $187.5 million. The sprawling estate, located in a prime waterfront location, has attracted significant attention in the real estate market.

Key Points:

– Florida’s most expensive property, 10 Tarpon Isle, is now available at a reduced price of $187.5 million, down from last year’s $218 million.
– The luxurious estate is situated in a highly desirable waterfront location, making it an attractive investment opportunity.
– The property has garnered significant interest in the industry due to its extravagant features and prime location.

This update provides an insight into the dynamic real estate market in Florida, showcasing the price adjustments that even the most exclusive properties may undergo.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/corelogic-home-prices-up-4-7-in-october/

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