This article highlights the co-founders of New American, a financial services startup that focuses on customer service, affordability and convenience for its clients. Sahil and Shilpan Patel founded the company in 2017 with a focus on helping immigrants, refugees and low-income communities access banking services. New American now provides banking and digital payments, escrow services, personal financial coaching, and an online platform for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.

The founders highlighted the business journey of New American so far and spoke throughout the article about their plans for continued expansion this year. The cofounders emphasized the focus of their business model, on providing services for immigrants and other underserved communities, pointing out the inaccessibility of services to these groups and the need to provide banking and financial services. They used the example of their own experience as immigrants to the United States, and the subsequent struggles they faced in finding banking services.

The founders talked about the growth and development of the company and its services by highlighting key milestones such as their Series A funding round, their debut in the Texas market, and their current plans for expansion to an additional two states this year. Sahil and Shilpan Patel discussed the current banking system and their contributions to improving the financial services industry in the US. They stated their ambition to build a financial services ecosystem that is accessible to everyone in the US.

The founders of New American spoke about their plans for continued expansion, innovations and developments from what the company has already achieved, finding creative solutions to problems faced by their target demographics and taking more steps towards establishing financial equality for all. They concluded the article talking about their vision for the future, to build an accessible, innovative banking platform that supports more than just their core banking services. New American’s cofounders have set a solid foundation for continued growth and increased access of banking services for all US citizens.

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