The housing crisis in the US has created a surge of interest in alternative housing options, primarily in the form of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). As a result, if homeowners and developers are trying to adapt to the new environment of rising housing costs, ADUs may be their new solution.

In this article, HousingWire discusses the shifting landscape of ADUs and the buyer guidance companies can provide. ADUS come with a variety of complexities—for example, construction, home quality assurance and financing—which can inhibit buyers from being able to purchase them. This is where guidance may come into play, designed to not just help the buyers, but also to help the buyers adjust to the new landscape.

In the current market, buyers that pursue to purchase ADUs seek guidance that is more specific, as most buyers are now first-time homeowners. For example, buyers may require assistance in the form of local market information and in-depth financial analysis. This type of service may ultimately make an ADU purchase more attractive to potential buyers, which is beneficial for developers as well.

Overall, ADU buyers are gradually adjusting to the ever-changing housing market. Homeowners and developers are looking for guidance specific to local markets in order to properly navigate the landscape. Buyer guidance companies can help fill the gap and provide buyers with the resources they need to make their decisions. This will, in turn, benefit developers in the long-term, as more buyers are able to navigate the intricacies of buying an ADU.

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