In a recent development, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has taken a significant step by joining forces with Keller Williams and HomeServices in filing motions for judgment as a matter of law and a new trial in the Sitzer/Burnett suit. This legal action marks a significant move in the ongoing litigation as these industry giants collectively aim to challenge the previous court’s decision.

• NAR, Keller Williams, and HomeServices have united to file crucial motions in the Sitzer/Burnett suit.
• The objective is to request judgment as a matter of law and seek a new trial.
• This collaborative legal action underlines the significance of the case and its potential implications for the mortgage industry as a whole.
• NAR’s involvement adds weight to the proceeding, representing the broader real estate community’s interests.
• By challenging the previous court’s decision, the industry giants aim to influence the outcome in their favor and address any potential concerns they may have.

With this latest development, the industry will closely monitor the progress of the motions filed by NAR, Keller Williams, and HomeServices in the Sitzer/Burnett suit. As this legal battle unfolds, it could potentially impact the future landscape of the mortgage industry, making it a case of utmost importance to industry professionals and stakeholders.

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