Guild Mortgage CEO Mary Ann McGarry has announced her retirement after 24 years of leadership at the company. McGarry was the first woman to lead a mortgage company as CEO and pioneered a number of trending and innovative services for the mortgage industry. During her tenure as CEO, McGarry ensured Guild remained at the forefront of technological innovation and maintained a growing number of respective relationships with real estate agents and customers.

Upon McGarry’s retirement, Guild announced she would be succeeded by Jim MacPhee, who has served on the Guild team for more than 16 years in a variety of roles including Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Mortgage Banking. MacPhee has an extensive history of inspiring teams, creating efficiencies and leading change, which he has been practicing since joining the Guild in 2003. Heading into this new role, MacPhee is confident that Guild is well-positioned to continue building on its strong foundation to drive success across the organization.

McGarry has left a lasting legacy with Guild since steering the Fortune 500 Company since 1998. During her time as CEO, Guild achieved explosive growth and increased profitability. Some of the major milestones during McGarry’s tenure include growing nationwide and positioning Guild as one of the top 10 largest lenders in the U.S. Additionally, under her leadership, Guild was ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction among all mortgage servicers.

McGarry will be remembered for her immeasurable and lasting impact she had on the entire mortgage industry and Guild. After announcing her retirement, McGarry described the ease with which she can leave the organization having leave it in such capable hands. Throughout her tenure, McGarry gained the trust of her colleagues, customers and business partners thanks to her endless dedication and passionate leadership. McGarry’s inspiring story has been a reminder that anything is possible with the right perspective and ambition.

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