– According to a survey, a significant number of homeowners believe that their current mortgage interest rate is the key factor that is preventing them from moving out of their existing houses.
– The survey findings indicate that 50% of respondents cited their current mortgage rate as the reason for not considering making a move in the housing market.
– The study, which gauged the sentiments of Americans regarding a potential housing crash happening in the upcoming year, suggests that financial concerns like high mortgage rates play a critical role in homeowners’ decisions not to sell or purchase properties.
– The survey’s results align with the general belief among most Americans that there is a possibility of a housing market crash in the near future, further influencing their cautiousness in making real estate transactions.
– These findings highlight the impact of mortgage interest rates on homeowners’ behavior and underline the importance of keeping an eye on potential market fluctuations to make informed decisions in the real estate industry.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/survey-most-americans-think-a-housing-crash-could-happen-next-year/

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