A prominent lender has recently announced plans to notify individuals and extend their support by providing credit monitoring and identity protection services, completely free of charge. This crucial development aims to alleviate concerns surrounding data breaches and identity theft that have been plaguing consumers in recent times. By proactively reaching out to affected individuals, the lender is prioritizing customer protection and reinforcing their commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.

Some of the key elements of this announcement include:

– Lender’s proactive approach: The lender will take the initiative to inform individuals who may have been affected by potential data breaches or security incidents. This step highlights their dedication to protecting their customers from potential harm.

– Free credit monitoring: Included in the support package, customers will have access to credit monitoring services. This helps to ensure that any unusual activity or signs of identity theft are detected early, allowing for quick action to mitigate the damage caused.

– Identity protection services: As part of their commitment to customer welfare, the lender will also offer identity protection services. These services can help prevent or minimize the adverse effects of identity theft, such as fraudulent transactions and misuse of personal information.

This lender’s proactive and comprehensive response demonstrates their dedication to customer protection and their willingness to go above and beyond to mitigate any potential risks. By providing credit monitoring and identity protection services at no cost, they are actively working towards maintaining trust and ensuring the well-being of their valued customers.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/hackers-accessed-data-of-16-6m-customers-in-loandepot-cyberattack/(subscription required)

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