In a recent development, the real estate industry has witnessed a significant development as Robert Friedman voluntarily dismissed a copycat commission lawsuit against the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and multiple brokerages. The lawsuit, filed in late December in the U.S. District Court in New York, has been dismissed without prejudice, as per the court filings. While the filings fail to shed light on the specific reasons behind this voluntary dismissal, industry experts are intrigued by this surprising turn of events.

Key points highlighted in this news include:

– Lawsuit dismissed: Robert Friedman has voluntarily dismissed a copycat commission lawsuit against REBNY and several brokerages.
– Without prejudice: The dismissal of the lawsuit has been described as “without prejudice,” implying that the plaintiff reserves the right to refile the lawsuit at a later date.
– Lack of insight: The court filings do not provide any additional information or reasons for the dismissal, leaving industry observers curious about the motives behind this decision.
– Potential implications: This unexpected turn of events raises questions about the future of commission lawsuits in the real estate industry and how it may impact the relationship between agents, brokerages, and associations.

The real estate industry will closely monitor any further developments in order to gain a deeper understanding of the motives behind this withdrawal and to assess any potential impact on future legal actions within the industry.

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