Real estate investing is a simple matter of trading benefits between principal parties. But most people who buy and sell real estate are never able to relate to this concept. Strangely enough, many real estate investors have failed to fully understand this concept as well.

Yes, some investors have grown accustomed to exchanges, and perhaps even the use of installment sale principles, to some degree. Many are at least familiar with the option of seller financing, though smaller real estate investors have limited horizons with regard to the full spectrum of time-proven alternatives – or understand how to best use them for maximizing the benefits – when buying or selling investment real estate!

Some of this is due to fear, some unconsciously drift into a comfort zone and fail to grow. For others, it is often the misperception of several powerful techniques appearing to be too much more complicated than they really are. Like many retail real estate customers, too many investors fail to fully and carefully think through their ultimate objectives, and how they might best achieve them.

This failure to fully understand what they want is also preventing them from fully analyzing all the deal possibilities purely from the cold analysis of benefits derived. The connection of the success for a real estate investor, to a clear vision of his/her goals, is a very tight and critical circle.

During the real estate market meltdown of 2008 that swamped the single-family residential marketplace, a liquidity crunch was created. This malaise crept into all other segments of the real estate spectrum, as the market reacted to the growing Liquidity Crunch. It is times like these when the most knowledgeable, and most well-connected real estate investors… find the world is their oyster!

One of the keys to bringing liquidity to the marketplace was a concerted effort by local, EXPERIENCED real estate investors to learn how to use and move the private paper into the note marketplace as funding sources, and creatively apply legitimate and ethical deal structuring techniques to complete more real estate transactions without relying solely on the standard “I Buy – You Sell” cash or cash-to-loan approaches.

Re: Let Genie Out of Bottle w/Liquid Paper!

Just some comments on how to reposition ourselves during a mortgage meltdown maelstrom – our new Golden Opportunity.

Best to your investing success, and let’s all…

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This article was modified from an article originally written by David Butler and posted to this site on 2007/09/04.