About Us – The Beginning and the Vision


The Note Servicing Center story could easily be “your” story because it is the story of a company created to fill a need and has grown from servicing just a handful of notes to a major competitor as a Loan and Note Servicing Provider. Both the mistakes made and the successes experienced along the way have played a major role in preparing us to meet the needs of those we serve in ways that could not be possible without having gone through the pain and gain of each experience.

The Company was founded in 1984 by Tom Standen, who served as President and CEO for 30 years until his passing in January of 2015. Since then the Note Servicing Center has evolved as a Third Generation Family Company.  Thomas Standen IV joined the family firm after deciding to make a career change while still in college.  In 2003 Thomas joined the company and continued his college education but with a twist with an emphasis on business.  He graduated in record time with a BA in Business Management and moved forward with earning an MBA in Business Administration.   Thomas IV has worked side by side with Tom Senior as Secretary of the Corporation and CFO and Member of the Board of Directors since 2005.

Thomas K. Standen IV was elected President and CEO of the Note Servicing Center Inc. in January 2015 after the death of his Grandfather. He also serves as one of the Directors of the Corporation along with Roberta M. Standen, Secretary/Treasurer and Director.  Thomas IV has brought a new dimension to the Corporation upon which to build upon the solid foundation already established by the Senior Standen.  The company is experiencing extraordinary growth and profitability under the leadership of Standen IV.  His application of knowledge, innovative thinking and use of modern technology combined with the passion of his predecessor has made him a winner.

The Note Servicing Center continues to grow efficiently and effectively. Lenders continue to outsource to NSC as a third party authority or use the services to provide a “back office” sub-servicer”.  We continue to service even one note or 1,000.  Either way, we are recognized as a Premier Loan Servicing Company.  The primary mission is to collect, calculate and disburse payments for private notes, loans and other debt instruments that no bank, financial institution or escrow company has the time, capability or motivation to provide. The Note Servicing Center acts as a third party authority in the servicing of promissory notes secured and unsecured for Private Hard Money Lenders, Note and Loan Brokers, Banks, Pension and IRA Administrators, Real Estate and Exchange Brokers as well as Strategic Partners who provide professional services to the Real Estate and Finance Community.

Although the operations and staff of the Note Servicing Center has grown exponentially, the servicing of privately financed seller carry back notes remain solid, growing and a primary source of the servicing business.  Under the leadership of Thomas IV the company has expanded into Loan Documentation, Modification, Early Intervention Foreclosure Coordination with plans to expand into Mortgage Pool Servicing and Asset Management.

With over 80 years of combined experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Finance, Property Management, Construction and Development together with Loan and Note Servicing, the founders, officers and staff of Note Servicing Center have earned the respect and recognition as a leader in the Real Estate and Private Finance Community.