Summary: Experts predict that 2024 could be an opportune time to utilize new skills in the mortgage industry, as positive changes are anticipated in mortgage rates and housing supply. However, these improvements are contingent on the foundation laid in 2023, which is being seen as a pivotal year for the industry.

– Improved Mortgage Rates: It is predicted that mortgage rates will experience a positive shift in 2024, presenting a potential advantage for those involved in the mortgage industry.
– Increased Housing Supply: The availability of housing is expected to improve in 2024, creating more opportunities for those involved in the mortgage market.
– 2023: Recognizing the importance of the preceding year, experts emphasize the need to consider 2023 as a vital period in the trajectory of the mortgage industry. This suggests that the success of 2024 will rely significantly on the groundwork laid in the previous year.

As professionals in the mortgage industry look forward to 2024, experts indicate the potential for beneficial changes in mortgage rates and housing supply. However, they highlight the necessity of considering 2023 as a crucial time period that will shape the industry’s landscape for the following year. By acknowledging and leveraging the developments from 2023, industry professionals may have the optimal foundation to capitalize on the anticipated improvements in mortgage rates and housing supply in 2024.

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