Looking for a quick and simple method to remain current on news, trends, and technology in mortgage lending? With shows that cover industry updates, business guidance, and the experiences of other pros in the mortgage sector, podcasts are a fantastic resource for mortgage professionals to continue learning. You can find some highly beneficial podcasts on various platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and YouTube. Some of these include:

  1. Loan Officer Freedom: The Mortgage Marketing Animals loan officer coaching program’s founder Carl White who happens to be the show’s host, offers advice on how loan officers can complete more loans while putting in less time.
  2. Loan Officer Leadership: The purpose of the Steve Kyles-hosted Loan Officer Leadership Podcast is to help Loan Originators close more loans faster by providing advice and resources to help them develop their businesses and leadership.
  3. Housing News: Every week, Clayton Collins’ Housing News podcast analyses the most significant developments in the mortgage, real estate, and fintech industries
  4. Mortgage Marketing Expert: Industry expert and host Phil Treadwell discusses establishing a more contemporary and relevant lending firm.
  5. The Loan Officer Podcast: This podcast offers content on personal finance, career guidance, sales training, business mentoring, and more, in addition to episodes targeted exclusively at mortgage professionals. Dustin Owen, a Certified Mortgage Banker, and John Coleman, an Emmy Award-winning Content Creator, serve as the show’s hosts.

Other beneficial podcasts for mortgage experts and lenders to learn to include Mortgage Lending ministry, Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, Clear to Close, Mortgage connects Next Level Loan Officers, and Art of Mortgage Marketing, amongst many others. To read more on learning platforms for lenders, click here.


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