This article from Housing Wire explores how JVM Lending plans to expand its business in the mortgage lending sector without relying on any loan originators. The article introduces JVM Lending, a top-ranked mortgage lender that also does business in California, Colorado and Arizona. It then delves into the company’s innovative strategy for growth, which involves leveraging existing technology to automate the loan origination process and minimize the need for loan officers.

JVM Lending’s strategy to expand without the use of loan officers is based on the idea that technology can replace the need for a loan originator in the mortgage lending process. The technology allows JVM Lending to streamline and automate the loan origination process, meaning they can process loans without having to rely on loan originators. This allows JVM Lending to reduce costs associated with hiring loan officers and speed up the loan origination process.

The article goes on to discuss how other companies are tapping into the loan origination process in order to provide a more streamlined experience. They point out that companies like Blend and Roostify are leveraging technology to automate loan origination and make the process faster, simpler and cheaper for lenders. JVM Lending is also taking advantage of new technologies such as cloud-based loan origination software and automated document collection systems that help to further reduce the need for loan originators.

JVM Lending’s strategy of digitizing the loan origination process has proven to be successful thus far. The company plans to continue boosting their profile in the mortgage industry by providing a more streamlined and efficient way to originate loans. By using technology to simplify the loan origination process, JVM Lending is able to offer mortgage lenders a faster and cheaper way to process loans and their expansion plans appear to be paying off.

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