Mortgage automation technologies are swiftly becoming more widespread in the field as one of the best strategies for cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience. Many established firms are integrating cutting-edge tools, such as the Big Point of Sale (POS) system, into their existing infrastructure.

This integration is made possible through the latest Application Programming Interface (API) platform- the ICE Mortgage Technology. This solution integrates with a wide range of third-party products and provides a seamless flow into the existing structure. The ICE platform offers superior flexibility, scalability, customized workflow options and automation, reducing manual input and maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

The Benefits of integrating The BIG POS and ICE Mortgage Technology include:
– Enhanced customer experience though streamlined flow
– Improved cost savings through automation
– Superior scalability and flexibility to better meet future demands
– Customized workflow options to highlight targeted areas
– Improved accuracy and efficiency using automated processes.

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