Incenter, a leading provider of mortgage services, has recently launched the eMSR Exchange (“Exchange”), a marketplace designed to facilitate the buying and selling of co-issue flow offerings for the mortgage industry. This Exchange provides buyers and sellers with the ability to easily connect with each other, as well as access pricing information online, 24/7.

This Exchange also provides parties in the mortgage industry with a real-time pricing engine, which searches for the most competitive prices amongst counterparts. Non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary information can also be securely stored on connected devices, from which documents can be accessed with ease. The Exchange is structured with the intention to increase bond liquidity, providing its users with greater transparency, improved pricing, and better execution.

• Connects buyers & sellers of co-issue flow offerings online
• Access pricing information 24/7
• Real-time pricing engine searches for most competitive prices
• Securely store non-disclosure agreements for document access
• Designed to increase bond liquidity & transparency
• Improves pricing & better execution

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