In the mortgage industry, market share has been an ongoing discussion, especially as the professional market share has shifted due to changes in real estate trends. It is increasingly clear that top real estate agents are gaining more market share and taking advantage of commission rates as they continue to rise.

This dynamic has had considerable implications for the overall affordability of homes and mortgages. Market experts are now predicting what will happen when this force of rising agent share and commission rates collisions with the worst period of affordability in decades. Due to this collision, the industry can expect to see:

• Reduced affordability due to the misalignment between the forces of increased market share and commission rates
• Considerable pressure on entry-level buyers and those in the renovation market
• Increasing demand for alternative financing options, such as rent-to-owns
• Insurers taking a closer look at how they deliver certain mortgage products and services

The predicted effects of this mounting dynamic are bound to have an impact on the industry, thus providing an opportunity to maximize the value of real estate and mortgage investment for the public. Going forward, it will be crucial to keep a close eye on these trends and emerging markets for future investments.

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