Mortgage originators are concentrating on adjusting to a changing market to remain competitive as the mortgage industry changes quickly. HELOCs and non-QM loans are created to order the current mortgage market. While rising property prices may have discouraged some homeowners from purchasing, they have significantly increased the appeal of existing homes to owners. Improvements to the house are just one possible use for equity. Therefore, originators should take advantage of the favorable circumstances surrounding HELOCs while they still exist.

The same holds for mortgages that do not qualify. Due to the affordability crisis, new methods for allowing borrowers are emerging for originators. As a result, non-QM items have greater scope.

Originators who have recently exited the Refis boom years must now consider alternative goods and scales. They must educate themselves and their clients on the loans if they wish to expand with a new product line, such as non-QM loans. Although some originators may be a little rusty on them and may need a refresher, the old staples like FHA and VA loans still present appealing possibilities for first-time homebuyers. Since many businesses have shrunk, they now have to perform tasks that employees once completed. As a result, sales may suffer, and the need to automate may become more pressing.

With Mortgage technology moving quickly, originators need to keep up with the pace to stay competitive. The Flagstar mortgage tech accelerator program is one way to stay ahead of the curve. The program gives senior Flagstar’s mortgage leadership team direct access to fintech start-ups and collaborates with them on novel approaches to provide their clients seamless, frictionless, tech-enabled homebuying experiences. To read more on ways to stay competitive as an originator, click here.

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