The rapid growth of rates, the drastic drop in mortgage applications, rising prices due to inflation, declining stocks, and layoffs making headlines for mortgage sector titans are quite a number of the unprecedented changes the mortgage market is experiencing. The value of mortgage servicing rights is a lifeline for mortgage businesses’ lending arm as they can no longer rely on new loans or the rate-based refinancing that has kept them afloat during the epidemic.

However, the shifting market climate might be a chance for servicers and lenders with a robust servicing portfolio to prosper and diversify their sources of income beyond only mortgages. First, Home insurance is a requirement for every client who will ever need a mortgage because a client cannot obtain a  federally backed mortgage without it. Even though mortgage lenders must purchase insurance as part of the application process, insurance still has a few significant strategic benefits.

Shopping for insurance is evolving due to “Embedded Insurance.” Unlike traditional insurance, which is time-intensive, commission-driven, and paper-based, embedded insurance provides insurance buying in digital form. It implies seamless customer loyalty, revenue, and growth for businesses that can take advantage of embedded insurance bundles. The benefits are apparent:

  • Opens up a new stream of revenue for the business.
  • Reduction in total cost to service a loan
  • Increases rate of customer retention.

Yes, the mortgage industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented uncertainty. However, the opportunity with embedded insurance is outstanding for mortgage businesses that take the time to assess the appropriate alliances and product offerings. To read more, click here.

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