In this Q&A article, ICE Mortgage Technology’s president, Tim Bowler, answers questions about the company’s mortgage automation strategy. ICE Mortgage Technology is a drive-by, drive-to and take-actions-on technology company providing a suite of mortgage solutions.

The company’s mortgage automation strategy is built on four key pillars – technology, customer experience, partners and data analytics. According to Bowler, the focus on technology means that ICE Mortgage Technology provides not only a superior customer experience but also an entire product suite built for today’s mortgage customers. The company leverages partners to provide a more reliable, cost-effective mortgage experience for the end customer. Finally, the data analytics ensure that the customer always has the most up-to-date information regarding their mortgage.

Key Elements:
• Company: ICE Mortgage Technology
• Strategy: Mortgage automation
• 4 Pillars: Technology, Customer Experience, Partners, and Data Analytics
• Goal: Superior Customer Experience, Product Suite for Today’s Mortgage Customers

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